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I’m Thomas Viennet and I’m a freelance SEO consultant.

I created this site to help those who want to optimise their visibility on search engines through SEO.

What is SEO?

SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization.

This field covers all the techniques used to improve visibility on search engines such as Google.

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What is SEO?

Let’s start with a definition of SEO, then look at the role of SEO and finally at how natural search works.

Comment fonctionne un moteur de recherche

How does a search engine work?

We are going to break down the different tasks that a search engine has to perform in order to display relevant search results for a query.


How is PageRank calculated?

Find out how Google estimates the popularity/authority of a URL, using the PageRank formula.

Sémantique SEO

Optimising the semantics of content

Understand how Google considers content to be relevant to the search intent of a query.

New articles 💡

Analyse concurrentielle SEO

SEO competitor analysis: Complete step-by-step guide to benchmarking

Learn how to identify and analyse your main SEO competitors, in order to improve your natural referencing strategy.

outils SEO

Comparison of SEO tools

Discover the list of the best SEO tools to save you considerable time in optimising your natural search engine optimisation!

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